New Dr. Dre Track 'Turn Me On' Hits Web


Dr. Dre

"Turn Me On," another unfinished track from Dr. Dre, hit the Internet today (Aug. 17). The song joins the Jay-Z collaboration "Under Pressure" as a possible preview of Dre's long-in-the-works third album, "Detox."

Dr. Dre, "Turn Me On"

"I ain't gotta spell it more/I did it to the fullest, so I ain't gotta sell it no more," Dre raps on the track, which clocks in at two minutes. With its R&B chorus and slinky beat, "Turn Me On" is a far cry from the blistering gangster rap that the West Coast producer perfected in the 90s.

"Under Pressure," which leaked online last June, received mixed reviews upon its release and was called "incomplete" in a statement Dre posted on the Interscope website. Like that song, it's unclear whether "Turn Me On" will be included on "Detox," the follow-up to 1999's "2001" that has seen its release date delayed for years.

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