Kings Of Leon Reject 'Glee' Request

With everybody from Paul McCartney to Madonna clamoring to get their music on "Glee," at least one act is refusing to license its music to the TV show.

Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill told U.K. music newspaper NME that he's rejected the show's request to use his music, adding that he's never watched the series although "apparently everybody loves it."

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Followill also said the band turned down "Ugly Betty."

Coldplay also turned down "Glee," then changed its mind, apologized and gave the Fox show access to the band's entire catalog.

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On the subject of lending the music of Kings of Leon to Hollywood, Followill added: "We had some people call us up wanting to know if we'd allow 'Use Somebody' to appear in the trailer for their next movie, and we turned them down.

"Next day, they called back and tried to put us through to the star of the movie -- I won't name names, but he's an incredibly famous actor -- to let him try to convince us to agree to do it. I was like, 'Man, don't even waste your energy.'"

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