Lil Boosie to Release 'Incarcerated' LP While in Prison

While in prison battling charges of murder and conspiracy and potentially facing the death penalty, Lil Boosie is still moving forward with his rap career. The rapper will release "Incarcerated," the follow-up to 2009's "Super Bad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz," Sept. 28 on Asylum Records.

According to MTV News, the project is almost entirely produced by B.J., although Mouse on Tha Track did some work on it as well. Webbie, Foxx and Lil Trill are among the featured guests.

Lil Boosie Charged with Murder, May Face Death Penalty

As previously reported, Lil Boosie was indicted on first-degree murder charges in June after being accused of being involved in the shooting of 35-year-old Terry Boyd back in October. Lil Boosie has maintained his innocence -- pleading not guilty to murder, drug and conspiracy charges -- and is currently preparing his defense.

"Incarcerated" track listing, according to Asylum Records:

1. "Devils" (produced by Savage)

2. "You Don't Know" (produced by B.J.)

3. "Betrayed" (featuring Webbie; produced by B.J.)

4. "Chill Out" (produced by B.J.)

5. "Bank Roll (Part 2)" (featuring Webbie and Big Head; produced by B.J.)

6. "How We Do It" (Featuring Webbie and Lil Trill; produced by B.J.)

7. "Cartoon" (featuring Shell and Mouse on Tha Track; produced by Mouse on Tha Track)

8. "Thugged Out" (featuring Foxx; produced by B.J.)

9. "Better Not Fight" (featuring Foxx, Webbie and Lil Trill; produced by David West)

10. "What I Learned From the Streets" (featuring Shell; produced by B.J.)

11. "Calling Me" (produced by B.J.)

12. "Do It Again" (featuring Lil' Phat and K.T.; produced by B.J.)

13. "Long Journey" (featuring Webbie; produced by B.J.)

14. "The Rain" (featuring Lil Trill; produced by B.J.)