Justin Bieber Claims 3% of Twitter Traffic

A Justin Bieber Birthday Card, from Billboard.com
Pamela Littky

Twitter has Bieber fever.

A designer named Dustin Curtis chatted with an employee at the social media networking site and tweeted Monday: "At any moment, Justin Bieber uses 3% of our infrastructure. Racks of servers are dedicated to him."

But Bieber -- who is often a trending topic on the site, and has more than 5 million followers -- may not be the only celebrity with dedicated servers.

"Most of the popular users on Twitter have dedicated servers for their accounts," added Curtis on Twitter (as first picked up by Gizmodo). Aston Kutcher, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian each have over four million followers.

In May, Twitter tweaked its algorithm to spotlight new topics spiking in popularity, instead of longtime trending topics. The move made it appear Bieber had been banned from being a trending topic.

Joked the site on its personal Twitter page, "@justinbieber the TT tweak is nothing personal. It was long planned & better shows what is emerging right now.

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