10 Hints from 'Glee' Season Two Premiere

"Glee" unveiled its second season premiere on the Paramount Pictures lot in Los Angeles Tuesday night (Sept. 7) -- and while we wouldn't be so rude as to give flat out spoilers to the show, we aren't above giving some clues as to what everyone's favorite show choir did over their summer vacation. Here are 10 hints to tide you over until "Glee" returns to Fox on Sept. 21:

1) The episode's opening song can be seen in the teaser trailer Fox put online.

2) Charice sings two songs by the same artist.

3) One glee club couple stays together.

4) Another couple breaks up.

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5) One half of the broken-up couple starts a new relationship with another glee club member because they worked together during the summer.

6) Two faculty members team up for a plot they call "Operation Mean Girl."

7) One character refers to the glee club's repertoire as a "drag queen's iPod."

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8) One character spent her summer vacation in the sewers.

9) One character is introduced in the exact same way another character was introduced in last season's pilot.

10) The episode's closing song is from a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical.

And fine, one more Really Big Hint:

11) Some of the answers to these can be found on the @billboarddotcom Twitter feed from last night.