U2 'Spider-Man' Song Debuts on 'Good Morning America'

The U2-scored Broadway spectacle "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" has endured its share of setbacks, but fans finally got a taste of the musical on "Good Morning America" Friday morning (Sept. 10). Reeve Carney, who plays the titular superhero, performed the track "Boy Falling From the Sky" with his alt-rock group Carney this morning at the Hudson Theatre in New York City.

Video: Carney Performs "Boy Falling From the Sky"

Although the track recalls U2's epic arena-rock, Carney tells Billboard.com that songs such as "Rise Above," "Bouncing Off the Walls" and "Bowling By Numbers" will show a new side of the veteran rockers.

"Some of them definitely have that U2 flavor, but others have something that I haven't really heard them do before," says Carney, who will perform with his four-piece band Sept. 15 at Pianos in New York. "Some songs remind me of David Bowie and the Beatles, and some stuff even reminds me of Danny Elfman's compositions, just very experimental with harmony."

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U2's Bono and the Edge also appeared via satellite on ABC's "Good Morning America" along with "Turn Off the Dark" director Julie Taymor, who unveiled artwork to preview the show's set design. Bono said that the "quintessential New York story… and this idea of everyone being capable of being a hero" attracted him to the project.

Video: U2, Julie Taymor Talk "Spider-Man" on "Good Morning America"

While Bono and the Edge had a hand in the casting of Carney as Peter Parker, Taymor, who previously helmed "Across the Universe" and "The Lion King" musical, had a strong influence on the sound of the score. "Julie Taymor is very strong in her opinions," says Glen Berger, who co-wrote the musical's book with Taymor, "so probably more than any producer that [Bono and the Edge] have ever worked with, she cracked the whip and took them in some directions that they might not have contemplated."

"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" was supposed to begin previews last February, but the reportedly $50 million musical's financial troubles and casting changes delayed the start date. Previews are now slated to begin on Nov. 14, with opening night scheduled for Dec. 21 at New York's Foxwoods Theater.

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