Coldplay Has 'A Lot of Work' Left to Finish New Album

While Coldplay is hard at work on its fifth album, the band has confirmed that a follow-up to its platinum 2008 disc "Viva La Vida" won't see the light of day in 2010.

According to a Coldplay fan site, the Chris Martin and his bandmates announced at a fan meet in London that they "have still a lot of work to finish" before releasing a new album. "Chris [Martin] said that although they are close to finishing lots of songs, they have not actually finished anything at all yet... and he said there'd be no chance of the album coming out for Christmas," a source told the site.

Former manager Phil Harvey also confirmed the news, and said that the gap between the release of a new album and a subsequent tour would be "slightly longer" this time around.

Coldplay Helps Apple Roll Out New iPods, Ping Network

Earlier this month, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin performed a new song, "Wedding Bells," during Apple's annual media event. However, the fan site's source said that even that song has not been completed.