21 Under 21: Wonder Girls

21 Under 21: Wonder Girls

No. 16: Wonder Girls

Birthdates: Sun: August 12, 1989 (age 21); Yenny: May 26, 1989 (age 21); SoHee: June 27, 1992 (age 18); YuBin: October 4, 1988 (age 21); HyeLim: September 1, 1992 (age 18)

Why They're Hot: A few of South Korea's appropriately named Wonder Girls have already reached our legal drinking age. So what? Before the group's SoHee and HyeLim celebrate their 21st b'days, the quintet -- whose 2009 debut U.S. single "Nobody" made them the first Korean group to crack the Billboard Hot 100 -- will have dropped their first English-language album (scheduled for release in Jan. 2011) and saturated our airwaves with their infectious pop harmonies. We'll drink to that.

Breaking & Entering: Wonder Girls

Video Below: The Wonder Girls' "Two Different Tears" (English version)

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