Jason Derulo Recording 'Dark' Material for Sophomore Album

Jason DeRulo performs "Heartless" on Monday Mashup.

Even as "What If," the fourth single from his self-titled debut album, creeps up the charts, Jason Derulo is at work on a sophomore album he says could come out during the first half of 2011.

"This will be a totally different album from the first one," the Miami-born, R&B/pop singer and songwriter tells Billboard.com. "I've literally been around the world and back. I've experienced a lot of ups and downs. I've grown as an artist. There's a totally huge side of my artistry that people have yet to see, so I'm looking forward to the near future."

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Derulo says his new material is running a sonic gamut. "Some of it is sounding dark," he explains. "Some of is sounding party. Some of it is really, really emotional. There's a huge, huge leap of growth. I'm going to take on all aspects, man. I was through-the-roof excited about the first album, but the excitement for this far exceeds the excitement for [that]."

He acknowledges working with J.R. Rotem, who was the executive and primary producer of the "Jason Derulo" album, but is shying away from talking about other collaborators. "I don't want to mention people and then they don't make the cut," Derulo explains. "I'd feel bad about that, so I try not to mention anything yet."

Derulo expects to finish the album in January, which means he "can put it out shortly after that." Meanwhile, he's in the midst of his first-ever headlining world tour, currently in Europe, and will kick off the U.S. leg in Philadelphia. Covers of Prince's "When Doves Cry" and Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" are included in the set, as well as a rock version of "In My Head" and both acoustic and full band renditions of the top 10 hit, "Ridin' Solo."

"It's working everywhere," Derulo reports. "It's been really awesome to go to these different places and have even non-English speaking [audiences] sing every single word back to me. And I see the shows that are on the horizon, and we're booking 6,000 seaters, 8,000 seaters that are selling like crazy...that's really cool."