Justin Timberlake: 'I Don't Know' When I'll Make Music Again

Justin Timberlake at the 2010 Screen Actor's Guild Awards on Jan. 23.

With a supporting role in "The Social Network" set to become his most high-profile acting gig yet, Justin Timberlake says he isn't sure when he will record a follow-up to 2006's "Futuresex/Lovesounds."

In a cover story for Entertainment Weekly pegged to the Facebook-inspired film, Timberlake says he has made no deadlines to return to music, and that "I'll know when I'll know" when the time is right to hit the studio.

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"Does a painter make a painting because he has to make it by December 21st?" Timberlake says. "No, he doesn't. It happens when it pours out of him. That's how music is for me."

While Timberlake has a handful of other film projects arriving soon, including the comedies "Friends with Benefits" and "Bad Teacher," he states that the focus on acting has not made him abandon his music career. "I never stop making music," says Timberlake. "I don't know what else to tell you, except that I just don't know [in] what capacity I want to be involved anymore."

"The Social Network," David Fincher's drama about Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg in which Timberlake plays entrepreneur Sean Parker, opens tomorrow (Oct. 1).