Billboard and NYU Partnership Program 'Music Industry Essentials' Adds 360-Degree Tour of Famed Beastie Boys Studio

The Beastie Boys
Michel Delsol/Getty Images

The Beastie Boys

The Billboard and NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music partnership educational program, Music Industry Essentials, has added an extensive, 360-degree look inside the Beastie Boys’ Oscilloscope Laboratories Studio to the curriculum.

The deep dive into the famed studio now located in Brooklyn is in the fifth module of the six-course, 20-hour plus certificate program that first launched in June 2019. The larger module, titled ‘Producing the Record,’ takes a closer view at the key elements that go into the creation of a final musical product from the lens of a producer, including songwriting, marketing, the song split and more.

The additional content provides more than 30 minutes of new material for Music Industry Essentials students. Matt Marinelli, owner of audio services company Coral Sound -- and the technician who outfitted the Beastie Boys’ studio in its original lower Manhattan location -- offers an in-depth explanation of the evolution of Oscilloscope Laboratories Studio, including the vintage gear located within in it, anchored by the Neve 8078 console.

Yellowbrick director of instructional design David Grandison Jr. guides the conversation in each of the clips with Marinelli, and viewers have 360-degree access throughout the duration of every video, allowing them to pan around all corners of the studio at any point to view the surroundings. (Music Industry Essentials was created in association with Yellowbrick, which helps facilitate learning experiences alongside top universities and brands.) Students are asked to construct their ideal studio set-up later in the ‘Producing the Record’ module.

The Beastie Boys and the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music first reached an agreement to allow students to use the facility in 2015. As Nick Sansano, associate chair of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, explains in the introductory video of the deep dive, the studio was set to close a few years ago, but it was ultimately saved thanks in part to a generation donation from the family of the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, who died in 2012. It was then deconstructed and moved to its Jay Street location in Brooklyn.

Music Industry Essentials gives a thorough depiction of all aspects of careers in the industry and gives participants the foundation to forge upon their own successful journey in today’s music world. Throughout the modules, students hear from various experts in the industry, including Kerry Gordy, Stevie Mackey, Ryan Leslie and Kareem “Biggs” Burke -- as well as staffers at Billboard and professors and NYU. The experts share key insights and offer stories from personal experiences.

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