Watch Carey Mulligan Get a New Nickname in 'SNL' Promo With Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi
Courtesy Photo

Kid Cudi in a promo video for 'SNL.'

Keenan Thompson, host Carey Mulligan and musical guest Kid Cudi are fresh out of ideas in this weekend's Saturday Night Live promo video (April 10).

In the new clip, the trio give viewers three separate introductory takes, each one equally smile-inducing and endearing as the last.

In the first bit, Thompson introduces himself as "Adult Keenan" and refers to Mulligan as "Little Baby Angel Carey." Mulligan, a two-time Golden Globe winning actress, enthusiastically accepts her new nickname, responding, "OK, everyone has to call me that from now on!" followed by the pair gleefully clapping, Kudi all smiles alongside Mulligan.

In the second take, Mulligan pokes fun at Kudi and Thompson, after the latter asks, "Carey, your movies are pretty serious. Are you ready to loosen up with us?" The Promising Young Woman actress then breaks into a pensive monologue, with somber strings harmonizing in the background.

As Thompson widens his eyes in disbelief, Kudi emotionally leans into Mulligan. Suddenly, Mulligan breaks character, remarking, "Yeah, I'm kidding. I'm not like that." But it was too late, Kudi was already wiping a lone tear from his eye. "That was riveting though," he said.

In the third and final bit, Kudi's excitement shines through, the episode being his first appearance as musical guest and second time on the late night show, following his 2018 cameo alongside Kanye West. The three then pause awkwardly, running out of jokes and commentary to wrap the promo. Just as an idea finally occurs to Mulligan, the scene cuts.

Watch the promos below.