Taylor Swift Releases 'Speak Now' Title Track

Albums That Sold 1 Million in One Week

Taylor Swift'Speak Now' (2010)1,047,000 albums sold week of 11/13/10*Sales data courtesy of Nielsen Soundscan

Taylor Swift crashes a wedding and tries to win back her guy in "Speak Now," the title track to her third album due Oct. 25. Released today on iTunes, the song finds the country star sneaking in on an ex-flame's wedding ceremony and imploring him, "Don't say yes, run away now/I'll meet you when you're out, of the church at the back door."

The song maintains the same steady tempo as first single "Mine," with Swift quietly beginning the song with the line, "I am not the kind of girl, who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion/But you are not the kind of boy, who should be marrying the wrong girl." "Speak Now" also features a gentle guitar solo and a rousing climax in which Swift belts the song's title.

The song will be the fourth track on "Speak Now," which will also include "Innocent," the track directed at Kanye West that was previewed at the MTV VMAs last month. "Mine" is currently at No. 11 on the Hot 100 after being released in August.

Taylor Swift Reveals 'Speak Now' Track List