Ne-Yo's Five Favorite Comic Book Heroes

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Underneath his smooth R&B exterior and polished style, Ne-Yo is a huge comic book nerd at heart. In anticipation of the Nov. 24 release of fourth album "Libra Scale," Ne-Yo created and wrote a comic book of the same name and is unveiling the work at New York Comic Con on Saturday (Oct. 9).

Ne-Yo says that he is "beyond excited" to debut the "Libra Scale" comic, which features the singer as an ordinary man named Jerome who is given superpowers but is told that he cannot fall in love. After his crush becomes the supervillain Diamond Eye, he must save his city and battle his own emotions.

Before the public gets to see him as a comic book star, Ne-Yo added to our "5 Things" series by sharing his five favorite comic book superheroes of all time:

Ne-Yo says that he always related to Spider-Man because, like alter-ego Peter Parker, he was not the most popular kid when he was in high school. "I thought it was cool that he was a complete geek, and then all of a sudden he gets to transform into the hero," he says.

Wolverine is Ne-Yo's favorite member of the X-Men because he's the biggest underdog of the bunch. "The character in the comic book is itty-bitty guy, but he's scrappy. You look at him and completely underestimate him," says Ne-Yo.

Ne-Yo was always been a fan of The Hulk, if only because he's jealous of the character's super-strength. The singer says that he has always wanted to be able to "pick up a tank and toss it like a tennis ball."

TRAVIE MCCOYNightcrawler
Nightcrawler's ability to teleport from one location to another has interested Ne-Yo, especially when he's spent long hours on the road while on tour. "That would really cut back on the cost of travel for me," the singer laughs.


Although Ne-Yo's other favorite superheroes have super-human abilities, he admires Batman for holding his own without any special powers. "He's a regular guy," says Ne-Yo. "And he would stand up to guys who could turn his bones into putty if they wanted. So I always dug his bravery for that."