Bruce Springsteen Calls Being Away From Home Too Long 'Poison' on Spotify Podcast: Exclusive

Rob DeMartin

Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama in conversation for Higher Ground and Spotify's "Renegades: Born in the USA"

To his fans Bruce Springsteen may be the Boss, but at home, he’s just another guy.

In episode seven of their Spotify podcast -- Renegades: Born in the USA -- President Barack Obama and Springsteen explore fatherhood and how both grew up with flawed father figures.

Springsteen talks candidly about learning to navigate the life of the rock star, where he's king of the road, with coming home and chauffeuring his three kids as they were growing up. “You are the chauffeur! You are the short order cook in the morning,” he tells Obama in the exclusive clip below. “And the thing is, you’ve got to be in the place in your life where you love it.”

Getting to that place took some time, though. As a musician, Springsteen was used to setting his own schedule. “You get up when you want to. You go in the studio when you want to. You put your record out when you want to,” he says.

But as he became a father, he realized his actions had consequences. “You can say, ‘I’m going to go away for three days, I’m going to go away for three months.’ But if you know, ‘When I go away for three months it’s bad when I come back … When I go away for three days, it’s OK when I come back,’ I better start going away for three days!”

Eventually, Springsteen says he and wife Patti Scialfa figured out the right threshold for his family. “All we knew was that when we passed a certain point, it wasn’t good for our relationship,” he says. “We started to split … into other and separate lives. … The things that are destabilizing my life, I don’t want those as a part of my life now because they will poison me. … And they will poison my beautiful love here, you know? And so we slowly figured all this out together.”

Listen to the full episode on Spotify starting Monday.

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