Hannah Montana Sends Notes and Flowers to All Her Pals to Celebrate 15th Anniversary

Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus
Jaimie Trueblood/Disney Channel/Courtesy Everett Collection

Hannah's frenemy Mikayla (Selena Gomez) and on-again, off-again boyfriend Jake Ryan (Cody Linley) were both on the list.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Disney show's premiere, fictional-turned-real-life pop star Hannah Montana thanked a handful of famous friends (and one enemy, looking at you Mikayla) with hand-written notes and flowers.

In honor of the big day, the Disney star's social media platforms were not only verified but busier than ever. Hannah Montana's alter-ego, Miley Cyrus, even wrote a heartfelt two-page letter reflecting on the show's impact, to which Montana replied on Twitter: "Nice to hear from you @MileyCyrus. It's only been a decade."

The notes she shared with others, though — including fellow Disney alums like Corbin Bleu (who appears in the show's pilot), Cody Linley (who played love interest Jake Ryan) and Selena Gomez (who played Montana's fictional frenemy) — contained just a touch less sarcasm. Also included on the list of recipients: Hannah's best friend Lilly Truscott (played by Emily Osment) and, of course, Miley Cyrus' mom, Tish.

There was even one wild-card bouquet that went to Migos, who in 2013 released a song called "Hannah Montana" (that has raked up over 15 million YouTube views). Quavo shared a photo of the gift on Instagram, writing "15 anniversary years of Hannah!!!" No better way to sum it up.

Update (March 26): Hannah also sent Lil Nas X flowers to congratulate him on the release of his new single, "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)."

See Hannah sharing the love for her friends, and some of their reactions, below.