M.I.A Wears a Burqa on Scream Awards Red Carpet

In the spirit of Halloween, M.I.A. is a modern-day "Princess Jasmine" as she appears in a head-to-toe body-covering burka at the Spike TV Scream Awards.

M.I.A. turned heads at the Spike TV Scream Awards on Saturday night (Oct. 16), arriving in a burqa and pairing the traditional Islamic garment with high-heeled sandals and metallic green eyeshadow that peeked out from her veil.

The controversial rapper/singer's red carpet burqa bore a colorful print with the logo of her recently released album, "/\/\ /\ Y /\," song lyrics and the graphic "XO I Love You," in reference to the album's single, "XXXO."

M.I.A. went with a different ensemble for her onstage performance later in the night, sporting a blue wig, yellow sequined blouse, pink pants and green shoes to sing "Teqkilla."

The Scream Awards show, which recognizes the top horror and fantasy movies of the year, airs Tuesday at 9PM EST.