Jay-Z's Life to Get 'Decoded' Through Bing Book Partnership

Jay-Z at Bonnaroo 2010.

Jay-Z is teaming up with Microsoft's Bing search engine to promote his upcoming book, "DECODED."

Every page of the book -- which details the meanings behind the rap icon's lyrics and traces the cultural forces that shaped both his life and his music -- will be placed in various locations related to the contents of each page. Some will be located in the Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up, others in places where he drew inspiration in London, and still others in areas that led to the building of his hip-hop empire.

They won't be hidden so much as displayed in unconventional means, such as on pool tables, in swimming pools, on bronze plaques, in clothing racks and so on. Starting today, five to 10 new pages from the book will be unveiled in new locations, in 15 cities around the world.

Jay-Z 'Decoded' Book Cover Revealed

The same pages are also being placed in various locations virtually, in an online gaming experience located at Bing.com/Jay-Z.

Fans can use the Bing search engine to find the pages either in the virtual environment or in real life. Fans who find each page can prove their feat by texting unique codes found on each page to enter a contest. Each fan who finds a page is entered into a drawing for various prizes, and all will be eligible for the grand prize of two tickets to see him perform New Year's Eve in Las Vegas with Coldplay.

The book goes on sale Nov. 16. The contest ends Nov. 20.