The Script: 'Very Humbling' Opening For Paul McCartney

Life for The Script is all about being on tour these days, and well into 2011, to promote its second album, "Science & Faith." But you won't hear a complaint about it from any of the members of the Irish group.

"I think the only place where success comes before touring is in the dictionary," frontman Danny O'Donoghue tells "Right now we realize we've got a big, big, big task, and that's to play our music to the most amount of people possible. There's still a shitload of people around the world who have no idea who The Script are. For us, success in the U.K., Scotland, Ireland, even Australia more recently...that's not enough for us. It's really just whet the appetite."

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The Script is currently on a North American tour that wraps Nov. 7. The group is taking the rest of the year off but gets an early start in 2011 with Europe and then Australia before hopping on VH1's Best Cruise in April.

"It's a big thing for us to come over here and do a big headline tour and see an audience that's... coming out in force to support us and is excited for us to come on stage," says drummer Glen Power.

O'Donoghue says the Script went into making "Science & Faith" determined to build off the success of its self-titled 2008 debut. Both albums topped the charts in Ireland and the U.K., while "Science & Faith" builds on the "bare-boned" sound of its predecessor to add a bit more sophistication and polish to the Script's sound.

"We started to sequence some things," O'Donoghue notes. "We started to add in some padded strings and bring the guitars up a little bit louder and be a little more aggressive. That's from being a touring band for two years. You realize when you go out on stage sometimes some of the songs on the first album lacked a little bit of live girth, so we wanted to take the Script to a more confident place. It's emotionally driven music. I know it may not be the coolest music around, but it's music that our fans really get their teeth into, or their hearts into."

One of those fans, of course, is Paul McCartney, who's tapped the Script to open for him several times, including a trio of shows at New York's Citi Field stadium in 2009. "It's strange...considering we're not of the same generation that grew up adoring [the Beatles]," O'Donoghue says. "I've never known a time in my life when I haven't heard the Beatles, y'know? So it's a very strange thing for us to kind of get the seal of approval from someone my dad would admire.

"That's when you realize, 'We must be doing something right here, to have a Beatle want us to open for him.' There's plenty of other people out there, but yet he chose a very small outfit from Dublin. It's very humbling."