Here Are Nick Jonas' 'SNL' Sketches From His Hosting Gig: Which One Was the Best?

Nick Jonas, Kenan Thompson
Will Heath/NBC

Kenan Thompson and Nick Jonas in the 'Saturday Night Live' sketch 'Cinderella's Slipper' on Feb. 27, 2021.

Nick Jonas was a super busy guy on Feb. 27, not only hosting Saturday Night Live, but also acting as the musical guest.

The musician, who performed his latest solo "Spaceman" and debuted "This Is Heaven," gave the usual monologue, during which he spent some time assuring big bro Kevin Jonas that the Jonas Brothers wouldn't be splitting up even though Nick's about to release his third solo album, also titled Spaceman. He then went on to appear in eight sketches, one of which was cut due to time.

So which of the eight was your favorite? Revisit them below, then vote in the poll!

Mirror Workout

In this one, Jonas took the opportunity to show off his muscular arms as Mirror fitness instructor Nathan. Unfortunately, it turned out the Mirror was cursed.

Murder Show

Nick wished his girlfriend -- played by Chloe Fineman -- a chill night at home as he headed out. Once gone, the ladies of SNL delivered a hilarious tune about their obsession with the many murder shows available on streaming services. After Nick returns and finds Fineman on the couch, he introduces his lady -- with a song, of course -- to another bingeworthy genre of shows.

Bachelor Party

Jonas and the rest of the guys gathered for Mickey's (Beck Bennett) bachelor party. After the two adult entertainers arrived, the men started to bond and things got ... a little uncomfortable.

Amusement Park

A group of five high-school seniors hit up an amusement park, but things got awkward after four of them paired up, leaving Kyle Mooney with the stuffed Joe Gardner from Soul, which he won after a game.

Post-COVID Dating

Jonas and Kate McKinnon played two attractive singles out at a bar for the first time after COVID. But it turns out that during the long periods of lockdown, they both forgot how to flirt.

Cinderella's Slipper

SNL took on the Disney classic and gave it a not-so-family-friendly twist. Jonas played Prince Charming, who was arriving at Cinderella's home in search of his lady love, with a teensy glass slipper to help identify her. But it turns out the shoe is so small, it belonged to ... a mouse. And no, it wasn't Gus.

Dionne Warwick Talk Show

Ego Nwodim was back with her take on Dionne Warwick. Like she does on Twitter, the iconic artist had some big questions for the musicians on her show, including The Weeknd, Joe Jonas, Dua Lipa and more.

Home Makeover

In this sketch, which was cut for time, Heidi Gardner and Jonas played home renovators who fix up an apartment for two bachelors.