Tame Impala's Kevin Parker Says Daft Punk Split Feels Like 'Someone That's Died'

Kevin Parker, Tame Impala
Victor Lerena/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Kevin Parker of Tame Impala at Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Spain on July 12, 2018.

Daft Punk left fans around the world heartbroken when they released an eight-minute video on Monday (Feb. 22) announcing their split.

Among those who will miss the beloved EDM duo is Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, who reminisced with Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music about the first time he heard their music. "I think I was sitting in front of the TV as a kid watching like Saturday morning video clips," he shared. "In fact, definitely. I think it was 'Da Funk.' I almost remember the first time. I wasn't really into that kind of music then, but it definitely stuck in my brain. I was like, what is this?"

"I mean, I guess I wasn't expecting to be as emotional as I was," Parker added of the breakup, "Especially because I watched the video they released, that kind of eight-minute thing, which I think has already been on a movie of theirs, obviously re-contextualized for them announcing their split up, but it really moved me. Really moved me. I wonder what it was now that made them want to do it and announce it, because they obviously haven't released anything since Random Access MemoriesYeah, it shook me."

"It was almost like when you hear about someone that's died," he added. "I know it's obviously not nearly as tragic as when someone dies, but that kind of shock. My phone blew up. I messaged Dom and Jay, the old group, going... Yeah. I mean, good on them for being able to... That must take so much guts to do, and not just say, 'Someone might offer us a billion dollars for a show next year. Maybe let's just hold out.' You know, to just say, 'This is the end.' I think it takes a lot of guts."

Turns out, Parker once met Daft Punk at a party -- even though he didn't know it. "I literally said it to their faces. I said to them and Andrew [VanWyngarden], 'Hey, have you heard Daft Punk's here?'" he recalled.

Listen to the full interview here.