Cookie Monster Surprises Daveed Diggs With a Massive DoorDash Order in Super Bowl Ad

Daveed Diggs
Sophie Elgort

Daveed Diggs

DoorDash announced on Thursday (Feb. 4) the launch of a new marketing campaign titled “The Neighborhood," which aims to grow and empower local economies and unveils the brand's new messaging around deliveries beyond food.

"The Neighborhood" focuses on supporting community connection and celebrating the local heroes, as local businesses have been hard hit over the past year.

A new 30-second ad for the campaign, which will run in full during Super Bowl LV on Sunday (Feb. 7), features Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street.

The clip finds Hamilton star Daveed Diggs reading on a couch with Cookie Monster, who, of course, is reading a book about his baked good of choice. The doorbell rings, and Diggs finds a number of DoorDash couriers outside.

"Oh, I thought I ordered tacos," the Grammy and Tony award-winner says. To his surprise, the DoorDash drivers showed up carrying sushi, ramen, burgers, tandoori chicken, milk and, of course, cookies.

"Me hungry!" the Muppet exclaims, before Diggs calls on Sesame Street's local, Grover, to come over and help them eat all the food.

In support of Sesame Workshop’s global educational media and social impact programs, starting on Feb. 7, DoorDash will donate $1 to the organization for every order up to $1 million.

Diggs gushed over the charitable campaign in a press statement: “I have always valued the importance of community, so when DoorDash approached me to be part of a campaign showcasing neighborhood connections and celebrating local heroes, I was excited to partner with them. Now more than ever, strengthening and supporting local businesses is critical and I’m excited to play a role in DoorDash’s efforts to build community during this time. Plus, you know... Sesame Street!”

Sesame Workshop Chief Marketing Officer Samantha Maltin added, “As a nonprofit, we appreciate that this partnership and philanthropic support will elevate and advance our mission to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Community is at the heart of all we do, and we are grateful to DoorDash for helping us further our work when children and families need us most.”

"DoorDash’s mission has always been to empower any business on Main Street to thrive online, and last year we meaningfully accelerated that mission as we extended our platform to offer more to your door–from food to convenience items, household supplies, health and wellness, and more," said Christopher Payne, chief operations officer at DoorDash. "What excites me about this campaign is that it tells the story of how we deliver all the best in your neighborhood in an authentic and engaging way and supports Sesame Workshop. This marks the first time we’ve shifted our brand image from a food delivery logistics company to a multi-category marketplace in a meaningful way, while celebrating the local heroes that make up the fabric of our neighborhoods."

Watch the 30-second clip below, and catch the full ad during the Big Game's first quarter.