Selena Gomez Was 'Low Key Freaking Out' Over 'Icon' Billie Eilish Wearing Rare Beauty

Look at her now: Billie Eilish wore Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty makeup on the 19-year-old's March cover of Vanity Fair, and Gomez was understandably excited about it.

"Icon @billieeilish is wearing @rarebeauty on the cover of vanity fair!! Low key freaking out.. You look stunning!" she wrote on her Instagram Story Monday (Jan. 25).

Ashe, who's collaborated with Eilish's brother and hitmaker-in-crime Finneas on her breakout hit "Moral of the Story," also praised the Grammy-winning artist on her VF cover on her Instagram Story. Eilish's cover was shot by Quil Lemons, who became the youngest photographer to shoot the cover of VF at age 23.

But Gomez found herself covering Times Square in NYC with a new Spotify billboard that teased new Spanish-language music was on its way. "Próximamente," she wrote on her socials Monday, which translates to "soon" in English. But there might be a fruity twist to her upcoming single because she added an emoji of an orange to her teaser announcement, and oranges can also be found in her new promo shot.

She dropped her highly anticipated Spanish-language single "De Una Vez" earlier this month. Toward the end of the accompanying music video, the words "Baila Conmigo" emerge, hinting at a potential second Spanish single.