Sea Shanties Are Now Trending on TikTok: See the Best Videos

George W. Hales/Fox Photos/Getty Images

It's 2021 and sea shanties have taken over TikTok. Shiver me timbers.

For those who are unaware of what a sea shanty is, its a type of work song that were sung to the beat of rhythmical labor on large merchant ships.

Back in 1849, author Herman Melville highlighted the importance of musically talented seamen in Redburn. "It is a great thing in a sailor to know how to sing well, for he gets a great name by it from the officers, and a good deal of popularity among his shipmates," he wrote. "Some sea captains, before shipping a man, always ask him whether he can sing out at a rope."

How did this musical style of centuries past make its way to Gen Z's social media platform of choice? It all started when TikTok user Nathan Evans performed his version of the old song, “Soon May the Wellerman Come" -- which subsequently went viral. Fans are also incorporating The Longest Johns' 2018 version of "Wellerman" into their videos.

Since then, TikTokers have been creating EDM remixes, transforming pop songs into sea shanties, performing hilarious skits and even dressing up in their best sea costumes for a bit of cosplay.

We've rounded up our favorite clips from #ShantyTok. See them below.


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