Taylor Swift, Cardi B & More Stars Who Are Loving Olivia Rodrigo's 'Drivers License'

Olivia Rodrigo
Erica Hernandez

Olivia Rodrigo

Red lights, stop signs, fans can't get enough of Olivia Rodrigo's "Drivers License" -- and neither can celebrities.

The singer and actress' heartbroken single skyrocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and a slew of A-listers have been applauding the 17-year-old for her vulnerability and ability to perfectly capture the devastation behind a lost love.

See below for all the celebrities who are loving "Drivers License."

Taylor Swift

Rodrigo found her song right below Swift's deluxe Evermore tracks on the iTunes chart on Jan. 8, and as a Swiftie, got super emotional about it. "next to taylor on the us i tunes chart i’m in a puddle of tears," she wrote on Instagram.

Swift herself commented on Rodrigo's post: "I say that's my baby and I'm really proud."

"what is breathing," Rodrigo added in another post as a sweet reaction to Swift's comment.


Halsey sent Rodrigo a literally sweet gift to celebrate the success of "Drivers License."

"Holy s--t thank u @iamhalsey," Rodrigo wrote via Instagram Stories alongside an photo of a cake, which says "congrats Olivia!" and features an image of a fake Rodrigo California license with macaroons and candy along the edges.

Cardi B

"Just like that girl wrote a song about getting her drivers license Imma write a song about the struggle of not having a drivers license," Cardi tweeted on Jan. 19. "I really wanted my McDonald’s at 4am last night instead of today but I couldn’t so I felt asleep hungry."

Rodrigo completely understood and replied, "girl i will pick u up and take u wherever u wanna go," which made Cardi very happy. "Yaaayyy !!! Let’s go to McDonald’s and get happy meals !" she responded.

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber loves a good pop ballad (her husband Justin Bieber is the voice behind "Lonely," after all), so it was no surprise when the model gave Rodrigo's song the stamp of approval.

HB shared the track to her Instagram Stories and wrote, "This song is SO good you are a queen @olivia.rodrigo," to which Rodrigo replied with a series of crying emojis.

Lucy Hale

The Pretty Little Liars actress also shared "Drivers License" to her Instagram Stories, writing, "This is wonderful @olivia.rodrigo - You are [sparkles emoji]."

Maisie Peters

When a fan pondered on Twitter if Peters heard "Drivers License," the 20-year-old replied, "I have and I obviously love it obviously."

"ahhhhh i love YOU," Rodrigo replied, before Peters mirrored, "!!!!! wait what no i love YOU!!!!!"