Ariel Pink Was a Surprise Guest on Tucker Carlson, Now Social Media Can’t Get Enough

Ariel Pink
Roberto Finizio/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Ariel Pink pictured on stage as he performs at Todays Festival 2018 in Turin, Italy.

For an artist who specializes in the gentler side of indie rock, Ariel Pink has had a particularly eventful new year.

The Los Angeles native, known to friends and family as Ariel Rosenberg, was outed as a participant in Trump's March on the Capitol last week, though he distanced himself from the uglier scenes that were broadcast to the world.

On Twitter, he declared, "I don't and never have advocated for violent confrontation or rioting,” and claimed he was in D.C. “to peacefully show my support for the president." He added, "I attended the rally on the white house lawn and went back to hotel and took a nap. case closed."

His words fell on deaf ears at his label Mexican Summer, which publicly announced its decision “to end our working relationship” just weeks out from the final releases in its “Ariel Archives” series.

Separately, court documents have emerged in which the singer was accused of sexual abuse and misconduct by his former girlfriend and bandmate Charlotte Ercoli Coe, Pitchfork reports.

Now, in a move only a clairvoyant would have predicted a year ago, the “Put Your Number In My Phone” singer is positioning himself as a darling of the right.

On Thursday night (Jan. 14), Ariel Pink appeared as a guest on Fox News' controversial Tucker Carlson Tonight for a chat about recent events, and his current financial predicament.

Twitter had a field day with this odd couple pairing, as Ariel Pink’s name trended late Thursday and early Friday.

Check out some of the memes and reaction below, including one particular gem from Phoebe Bridgers.