Jamiroquai's Jay Kay Addresses Comparisons to MAGA Supporter at U.S. Capitol Riot: 'I Wasn't With All Those Freaks'

Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay set the record straight and said that he really wasn't the horned fur hat-wearing, red, white and blue face paint-sporting, shirtless MAGA supporter from Wednesday's (Jan. 6) riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Although the Space Cowboy has sported several funky hats in his heyday with the British funk and jazz band, Kay (real name Jason Luís Cheetham) took to Twitter to dispel several viral jokes that he was among the scores of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building in violent efforts to overturn the election. The riot left four dead.

"Now some of you may be thinking you saw me in Washington last night, but I'm afraid I wasn't with all those freaks," he assured his Twitter followers in a video on Thursday (Jan. 7), while noting he hasn't seen his bandmates "for ages" due to the ongoing lockdown in the U.K.

But as quickly as Twitter users were to draw comparisons between Kay and the rioter, the internet identified the questionably dressed man as Jake Angeli, the 32-year-old "QAnon Shaman" from Arizona who's been spewing conspiracy theories at the state's right-wing political rallies over the last year.

Watch the Jamiroquai frontman clear the air with his video statement below.