The Lumineers Unveil 'Silent Night' in Support of Independent Music Venues

The Lumineers
Danny Clinch

The Lumineers

To support music venues in need this holiday season, The Lumineers released a rendition of the festive classic "Silent Night" via Dualtone and Decca.

For one year, all proceeds from the song will benefit the National Independent Venue Association’s Emergency Relief Fund, which aims to save the music industry’s most important stages amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Venues have gone silent all across the country and world because of the pandemic," the band said in a press statement. "Hope is on the horizon, and we believe we’ll be playing again in 2021. But independent venues need our help to survive that long. Don’t let the venues remain silent forever - save our stages. When you stream our song 'Silent Night' all proceeds will go towards supporting the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA).”

An accompanying video shows packed venues, now empty. Scenes of better times flash across the screen, with The Lumineers playing for a hyped-up crowd. The clip also raises awareness for severe challenges that independent venues across the nation are facing this year.

Watch below.