Lady Gaga Promises 'Greatest Album of This Decade' in 'Born This Way'

Lady Gaga Sued By Producer Rob Fusari

Lady Gaga performs at the 20th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards at the MuchMusic HQ.

Lady Gaga declared that "Born This Way" -- the follow-up to her breakthrough debut "The Fame" -- will be the "greatest album of this decade" on Friday (Nov. 26), during the Gdsank, Poland, stop of her Monster Ball tour.

"Not for nothing, the album's finished and it's f***king really good," Gaga, clad in a full-length leather dress and fighting back tears, told her fans. "I promise to give you the greatest album of this decade, just for you."

Video: Lady Gaga talks "Born This Way" in Poland

Gaga added the the album is "so much deeper than a wig or lipstick or an outfit, or a f***ing meat dress...'Born This Way' is about what keeps us up at night and what makes us afraid."

"Born This Way" is slated to drop sometime in 2011, and collaborators from Elton John to Gaga's longtime producer RedOne have already raved about its sound. Describing it as "f***ing sledge-hammering dance," Gaga also revealed that the album could contain as many as 20 tracks. "It used to be kind of a faux pas to put out too much music on your album, but I feel like you guys deserve all of the records I do because I work hard on them," she explained. "So who knows? You might get, like, 20 new Gaga songs."

"I don't know what I would do without all of you," Gaga said, as her back-up dancers picked up the array of flowers and gifts that had been thrown on stage. "I just promise that I'll never let you down."

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