Michael Ciravolo's Beauty in Chaos Releases Remix Video for 'Stranger'

Beauty in Chaos and Holy Wars "Stranger"
Courtesy of Holy Wars

Beauty in Chaos and Holy Wars "Stranger"

The remixed track features Kat Leon & guitarist Nick Perez from Holy Wars.

Michael Ciravolo's Beauty in Chaos project has released a video for third single "Stranger," from their recent remix release Out Of Chaos Comes… featuring Kat Leon and guitarist Nick Perez from Holy Wars and edited by Fre Pacheco.

Out Of Chaos Comes… features a collection of remixes by a diverse cast, including producers Tim Palmer and John Fryer along with film and TV composer Tyler Bates and The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell.

“Since BIC is not a traditional band, videos are the face of what we do, so I strive to make each one unique," explains Ciravolo, who is also the president of Schecter Guitars and Research. "I love ‘Stranger,’ and Kat’s lyrics hit home on this song. When I first heard Nick’s remix, I loved the way he injected some angst into the original, which was much more of an effect-laden dreamscape. His production, along with Fre’s video manic interpretation fit perfectly and certainly swing the sonic and visual pendulum to a polar opposite of the original.”

Perez tells Billboard the remix is a "dark cinematic interpretation" of the original track, which was "so lush and beautiful that it seemed it would be a great challenge to make it ugly and cold using heavy distortion, industrial elements and tape."

Check out the video for "Stranger" below. For more on Beauty and Chaos, visit