Kanye West Offers Disturbing Sneak Peek of 'Monster' Video

10. KANYE WEST "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

After achieving high drama with his 35-minute "Runaway" video, Kanye West is now dabbling in the horror genre. While the rapper has yet to unveil the full music video for his intense posse cut "Monster," a stylishly scary 30-second preview of the clip has hit the web today (Dec. 8).

Video: Kanye West, "Monster" Preview

The preview features some truly disturbing images, like Rick Ross blowing smoke while three half-naked women hang by their necks from the rafters; Nicki Minaj looking on as a young woman shrieks on the floor before her; and some sort of mutant man attacking the camera. Most shockingly, West is seen in bed with two unconscious women -- in one scene, he drags one of the girl's faces toward his for a kiss, while another shows him placing the girl's hand on the other's crotch.

No word on when the song's full music video will debut, or whether or not Bon Iver, who sings the spooky intro, gets in on the "Monster" mash. In other Kanye news, his fifth album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" slips six spots to No. 7 on this week's Billboard 200.

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