Watch: Usher Kicked in the Face by Fan Onstage

Watch: Usher Kicked in the Face by Fan Onstage

Usher has always been known as a ladies man, but things got a little bit too rough for the singer during his show at Madison Square Garden last night (Dec. 13).

Usher took his sweet time to pick a lucky fan to join him on stage for a personal serenade. After a long wait, he finally chose a woman from the center of the crowd as the winner, giving her a warm hug before placing her on a leather couch to croon "Trading Places." She was more than willing to play along, strutting around the stage for the singer and at one point crawling into his lap on the couch.

Video: Usher Gets Kicked in the Face at MSG

Things got too aggressive at 9:28, though, when the woman attempted to swing her legs around to straddle his waist, but caught the side of Usher's face with the heel of her shoe. Ouch. She was quick to apologize and immediately began dabbing the singer's forehead gingerly, and all things considered he took it with a good sense of humor.

"We play rough in the bed, you know," Usher told the crowd, "Kicking each other in the head and stuff." Looks like Usher is bringing a whole new meaning to "love is pain."