Broadway Stars Blast 'Spider-Man' Director, U2 Members for Safety Issues

U2's The Edge, Adam Clayton and Bono took a collective leap of faith while performing at ANZ Stadium on Dec. 13 in Sydney, Australia.

Broadway stars are speaking out against "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" director Julie Taymor and the show's producers in light of all the serious on-set injuries.

Blasted "Rent" star Adam Pascal on Facebook: "They should put Julie Taymor in jail for assault!"

He also had words for U2's Bono and the Edge, who wrote the score. "I hope [actor Christopher Tierney] is ok and sues the shit out of Julie, Bono, Edge and every other asshole who invested in that steaming pile of actor crippling shit!" he added. (Pascal has since added that his post was not entirely serious, saying, "although my anger is real, I don't think anyone should sue Bono and the Edge you dummy! Or put Julie Taymor in jail you dummy. I was making a point.")

Video: 'Spider-Man' Stunt Double Falls to Stage

Tierney is still hospitalized in New York in serious condition after he fell up to 30 feet during Monday's performance. Natalie Mendoza sustained a concussion when she was hit with a piece of equipment backstage, and another actor broke both his wrists during rehearsal. The New York State Department of Labor opened a second investigation into the $65 million production Tuesday.

Tony-winning actress Alice Ripley fumed on Twitter, "Does someone have to die? Where is the line for the decision makers, I am curious."

"Spider-Man should be ashamed of itself," she went on. "This is completely unacceptable and embarrassing to working actors everywhere."

"9 to 5" actor Mark Kudisch also wrote on Facebook, "I wish employment for all my friends. But I wish them safety and security in their employment even more."

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