Billboard Bits: Pauly D Gets 'Jersey' Spin-Off, Badly Drawn Boy Explains Meltdown

Don't get it mistaken -- Pauly D is not just a dumb jock. The "Jersey Shore" cast member puts his DJ skills to work at Fur Nightclub in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 23.

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'Jersey Shore' Star Pauly D Gets Spin-Off Offer From MTV

DJ Pauly D is apparently so fascinating that MTV has offered him a spin-off series option deal. Back in September, Pauly D -- aka, Paul Delvecchio -- starred in a pilot, and MTV recently took the bait. The show focuses on Pauly D's "life away from the Shore," according to Chris Linn, MTV's EVP of programming and head of production. We can only assume the show will chronicle the DJ's burgeoning music career. (

Badly Drawn Boy Apologizes for On-Stage Tirade

Following his vulgar on-stage meltdown in L.A. last week, Badly Drawn Boy's Damon Gough apologized for the outburst via his official Facebook page yesterday (Dec. 21). "There is no one more upset at the situation than myself," he said. "As an artist, you only want to do the job to the best of your ability...when that is compromised, there is a tendency to get frustrated," referring to the sound problems at venue the Troubadour that spurred the incident. Gough adds: "I don't feel I owe an apology to those who heckled but I want to profusely apologize to those caught in the crossfire…"

Britney Spears Casts For First Music Video Off Upcoming Album

Britney Spears held open auditions today (Dec. 22) at Center Stage in Burbak, Calif. for the first video off her March 2011 album. The video, supposedly for the song "Hold It Against Me," will shoot in early January. Spears' choreographer, Brian Freidman, was on the hunt for "men and women with fabulous bodies and faces" who are "versatile." (

The Doors Respond to fForida's Pardoning of Jim Morrison

Although they "don't feel Jim [Morrison] needs to be pardoned for anything," the remaining members of the Doors have responded to Florida's recent pardoning of Jim Morrison some 40 years after an alleged incident of public obscenity and indecency at a Miami concert in 1969. "Whatever took place that night ended with The Doors sharing beers and laughter in the dressing room with the Miami police, who acted as security at the venue that evening. No arrests were made," claimed the band in a release issued today.

Willow Smith Offers Preview of New Song 'Rockstar'

Willow Smith fans can rejoice: The young singer has another catchy song floating around the 'Net, so you can stop whipping your hair back and forth so much. (It gets tiring after a while, you know?) "Rockstar," which is not confirmed as a single, will be featured on her debut. (

(Reporting by Jillian Mapes)