Ben Platt Says He Had COVID-19 in March

Ben Platt
Zoey Grossman for Netflix

Ben Platt

Ben Platt has revealed that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 several months ago.

Responding to a question posed on Twitter on Sunday (Nov. 15) -- "Do you personally know anyone that has contracted COVID-19?" -- Platt said that he had, back in March.

"it was like an awful flu that lingered for 3 weeks or so," he wrote of the symptoms he experienced. "thankfully made a full recovery. so many haven't been as lucky and will continue not to be."

He then posted a hashtag to remind his followers to wear a mask.

"this was in march, I’m totally fine now you sweet bb’s keep distancing and masking!" Platt tweeted.

See Platt's updates below.

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