Christina Perri Hospitalized Due to Pregnancy Complications

Christina Perri
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Christina Perri attends the Los Angeles Premiere of "Foster" From HBO on April 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Christina Perri revealed she checked into the hospital on Tuesday because of pregnancy complications.

She posted a selfie from the hospital bed on her Instagram Story with a lengthy note.

"Hey friends. Well, nothing ever goes as we plan, huh. Baby is having an issue so I'm gonna be here til its time for baby to come out, which might have to be very soon. which is very early," the "Jar of Hearts" singer wrote. "Please send some love from your heart to the little heart beating in me that we all make it through this. Im grateful for drs and nurses and will do whatever they suggest we do."

The 34-year-old artist followed up her note with a rare IG Story video expressing gratitude to those who've swarmed her with loving "prayers and thoughts and wishes and moonbeams."

On Wednesday morning (Nov. 11), she posted an emotional update but reassured her followers that both her and the baby's vitals are fine. "Good morning everyone. I just a had big long cry. I'm trying my best to feel each feeling as they come up. Today has been alot of sad & angry," Perri wrote. ".... Right now baby vitals are fine and so are mine. More will be revealed as the days go on and I have to be calm & strong. Thank you again for your thousands of messages. I read them all."

Perri and her husband, Paul Costabile, have a 2-year-old daughter, Carmella Stanley. She announced they were expecting their second child together in July -- six months after Perri revealed she had a miscarriage in January. The "Thousand Years" singer is currently in her third trimester and celebrated her second pregnancy with a recent nude maternity shoot.

"I never wanted to do a maternity shoot. i didn’t take any photos when i was pregnant with carmella because i was so traumatized by the experience of expanding so much, but then after having a miscarriage in january, everything changed for me," she captioned the trio of shots posted yesterday. "I truly am grateful to be pregnant and grateful to be a woman. i am so blown away by what our bodies can do. i don’t know if i’ll ever be pregnant again, so this time i’m going to celebrate and honor my pregnancy, my baby & my beautiful body."

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