Philadelphia Busts a Move to Mark Ronson, Ludacris & More as Election Vote Count Continues

Mark Ronson
Collier Schorr

Mark Ronson 

Back in September, at the first presidential debate, Donald Trump said that "bad things happen in Philadelphia" -- but residents of the Pennsylvania city proved him wrong when they took to the streets on Friday (Nov. 6) for a full blown dance party amid a tight election race.

As votes in the key battleground state continue to get tallied and Joe Biden's lead grows larger, a group of flag-waving Trump supporters at the Pennsylvania Convention Center were met with an even bigger progressive movement demanding that every American vote counts despite Trump's attempts to call off democracy.

What could have easily heated up into a tense conflict was instead transformed into a block party, with the progressive protesters moving and grooving to every genre of music while holding signs that read, "Count every vote."

The powerful moment of joy was met with support from Mark Ronson and Ludacris, whose "Uptown Funk" and "Move B---" respectively were some of the popular song selections at the rally.

Even a Philadelphian dressed as Sesame Street's Elmo joined in on the fun. See below for some of the best musical protest moments in City of Brotherly Love.