'Auntie Sam' Is Back: Lizzo Votes in Style

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Lizzo performs at Radio City Music Hall on Sept. 24, 2019 in New York City.

Lizzo made her way to the polls on Wednesday (Oct. 28) the best way she knows how--by treating it like a runway.

The star reprised her patriotic alter ego Auntie Sam in a new video in which she's seen strutting to the ballot box in an American flag crop top, white shorts, red hair, sparkling silver boots and a matching mask. She whips her ballot out of a red purse, drops it off and busts a move before she heads out (as one should when exercising their right to vote).

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"I VOTED. This is my 3rd time voting in my whole life," she captioned the clip. "When you think about how few and far in between that is it really puts things into perspective! I believe this is the beginning of making voting ACCESSIBLE and FAIR so that this country reflects its people. To all my activists, thank you for your constant organizing & service. Let’s get our vote in so we can get back to the good fight for true liberty and justice for ALL. Have YOU voted yet?"

She followed it up with more stunning Auntie Sam photos with the caption, "Auntie Sam realness - RECLAIMING MY TIME MY COUNTRY MY RIGHTS." See here.