Yungblud Postpones Sophomore Album 'Weird!' Due to Coronavirus

Tom Pallant


Yungblud has good news and bad news for his fans. The bad news is that he's pushing back the release of his sophomore album Weird! from Nov. 13 to Dec. 4 due to the pandemic.

But the good news is that fans still have an opportunity to hear him perform the songs from Weird! during his virtual tour before he's officially released them.

He addressed these updates in a series of short Instagram videos posted Wednesday (Oct. 21) that explained how the vinyl houses and production companies making physical copies of his album are experiencing severe shipping delays because of COVID-19. "So I have decided to push back my album Weird! till Dec. 4," the U.K. singer-songwriter said in the first clip. Although he explained how his record label warned him that the pandemic could pose problems for his album release plans this year, Yungblud had no time to waste.

"I needed to get this album to you because you f---ing deserve it," he expressed. "This is a conversation between us, and it needed to come imminently because f-- waiting till March next year, that's not happening."

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For those who already purchased their tickets to The Weird Time of Life global virtual tour, they "will get to hear songs off the album before the album is actually out" during the 16-date international jaunt from November to December.

"This is about you. These are your stories. These are your words that I've just put into f---ing music and put into an album," Yungblud said in the last clip. "I f---ing love each and every one of you so much."

Watch his important announcement below.