Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Reveals if She & John Legend Are Having a Boy or Girl

With hazardous gender reveal parties setting California ablaze, Chrissy Teigen safely -- yet accidentally -- announced whether she and John Legend were adding a baby boy or girl to their family.

While explaining her "poopy placenta" problems while on bed rest Thursday (Sept. 17), Teigen let her lips loose before covering them up in shock. "It's super weak. But it's so weird because the baby is really, really healthy. And he's big, he's probably getting... oops!" she slipped about their unborn son.

But she commended herself on Twitter for "no fires and no one shot in the di--," compared to other times couples have revealed the sex of their baby with pyrotechnic devices sparking massive wildfires or color powder canons accidentally shooting one father in the crotch in the viral "blue balls" video.

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See Teigen's sweet slip-up below.