There's One Song From Taylor Swift's 'Folklore' You Can't Hear Yet

Taylor Swift surprise released her eighth album Folklore overnight along with a lyric video for every damn song on the album (yep, all 16).

And it's not over yet -- there's one more Folklore tune that isn't available on streaming. The song in question, "The Lakes," will be on physical versions of the Folklore album, which is available on CD, cassette and vinyl.

Taylor Swift Surprises Fans With New Album 'Folklore' Announcement | Billboard News

Never one to do things by half, Swift isn't just releasing one physical version of the CD or vinyl record – she's got eight collector's editions of her eighth LP for each format, each one featuring photography unique to that version. Each edition has a cute nickname: "in the trees" edition, "in the weeds" edition, "meet me behind the mall" edition, "stolen lullabies" edition, "betty's garden" edition, "hide-and-seek" edition, "running like water" edition and "clandestine meetings" edition.

According to a countdown clock on Swift's online store, the collector's editions of Folklore are on sale only through July 30, 11:59 p.m. ET.