Mason Ramsey Yodels About Reducing Cow-Based Methane Emissions in New Burger King Commercial

Mason Ramsey
Nick Swift

Mason Ramsey

Mason Ramsey sings till the cows come home after enjoying their eco-friendly lemongrass diet in the latest Burger King commercial that came out today (July 14).

"When cows fart and burp and splatter/ well it ain’t no laughing matter/ They're releasing methane every time they do/ And then methane from their rear goes up through the atmosphere/ And pollutes our planet, warming me and you," Ramsey sings while exiting out of a cow's rear in a rhinestoned white suit and ascending into outer space. But no one's laughing in their matching rhinestoned gas masks to exemplify the dangers of cow-based greenhouse gas emissions.

The 13-year-old twanging star yodels about the fast-food franchise's latest experiment to find a diet for "reducing meth-aa-aa-aane, meth-aa-aa-aane," Ramsey sings in the impromptu chorus, when cows pass gas. Colorfully dressed young cowboys and cowgirls produce the solution with their lemongrass hats that feed the mechanic cows and "reduce emissions by more than a third" in the two-minute clip.

"Thanks @burgerking for letting me be the voice of all the young folks who're excited to create a better future. Yeehaw!" Ramsey saluted in his Instagram post from today.

In studying beef production's climate impact, Burger King found that "adding 100 grams of dried lemongrass leaves to the cows' daily feed" led to a "reduction of up to 33% on average of methane emissions during the period the diet was fed," according to the open-source formula on Restaurant Brands International.

According to the commercial, Whopper sandwiches with reduced methane emissions beef will be sold at select U.S. restaurants in Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, Miami and New York City.

Watch Ramsey's latest Burger King commercial below.