Netta Makes Fans Miss the Club by Remixing Flo Rida's 'Low' During Billboard Live At-Home Performance

Eran Levi


Israeli looping artist Netta reminded fans, "We all need clubs right now, don't we?" during her electrifying Billboard Live At-Home performance Tuesday (June 30) that raised money for the Downtown Women's Center.

With her special specs at hand -- a TC Helicon harmony singer and a Boss RC-505 tabletop looper -- Netta (real name Netta Barzilai) turned up the heat and turned on her signature autotune effect to remix Flo Rida and T-Pain's No. 1 hit "Low." But she added a special verse and ad-libs to her electro-pop rendition: "My name is Netta/ Welcome to this live/ Oh my God, it's a vibe here.... Oh my God I'm doing Billboard!"

The Eurovision-winning singer-songwriter later turned up the air conditioning in her at-home DJ booth, but her original productions from "Nana Banana" to "Bassa Sababa" only got online concertgoers to keep dancing wherever they tuned in from. Although she turned off autotune when answering fans' questions, Netta admitted she couldn't resist using the feature during her music.

"I'm kind of addicted to it. People are saying that I am addicted to my autotune, and they are kind of right. But I also do it because I really like how that sounds artistically.... I just need a place to vent and release my ideas… and every time I’m producing a song, I use this first," she said while picking up her go-to looping device.

But to close out her 25-minute set, she resisted her usual devices and wound up a custom musical box to play her "Cuckoo" ballad from her latest Goody Bag EP, which captures the feeling of being stuck in a loop of her feelings for a significant other.

Raise your hands in the air while reliving Netta's Billboard Live At-Home performance below, and donate to the Downtown Women's Center here.