Justin Bieber, Bette Midler, Big Boi Decry Voting Issues in Georgia: 'Such Ineptitude, Such Malice'

Justin Bieber
Joe Termini

Justin Bieber

In what some fear is a foreshadowing of the November election, Tuesday's (June 9) primary in Georgia was plagued by a troubling series of issues that led some to question whether the nation is ready to vote in the age of coronavirus.

The chief complaint, according to The New York Times, was that a huge number of the new state-ordered voting machines -- put in place after widespread claims of voter suppression in the 2018 governor's election -- were either missing or malfunctioning.

That resulted in hours-long lines for many voters in the state, with predominantly black areas experiencing some of the worst problems, as evidenced by photos of some voters standing in two- to four-hour lines well into the night.

"#Georgia, y'all should be ashamed for conducting your election the way you did," wrote Bette Midler. "Such ineptitude, such malice, such stupidity. It will come back and bite you in the a--. For real."

Josh Gad was appalled by what he saw as well, criticizing the state for once again being off its voting game. "Every election. Every single time. Georgia miraculously has voting machine problems," wrote Gad. "Every single time, it miraculously effects black communities. This is disgraceful. It’s either negligence or intentional. Either way, it’s unacceptable & probably unlawful."

And Justin Bieber, who cannot vote in the United States and did not have reception on Tuesday to tweet on his own, weighed in decrying what appeared to be an attempt at voter suppression: "He has asked us to post this tonight so his platform can be used to expose live voter suppression in Georgia tonight."

In an effort to help voters who were impacted by the issues, Big Boi posted information on where they could turn if they ran into delays or voting machine problems on Tuesday.

According to the Times, security experts had warned that there was not enough time to switch to the new voting system before this year's elections, especially in the midst of the coronavirus, which has caused a steep decline in poll workers in the state where COVID-19 has killed more than 2,200 and infected more than 52,000.

West Virginia, North Dakota, Nevada and South Carolina also help primaries on Tuesday.

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