How I'm Doing: TWICE, Alice Cooper, Angélique Kidjo, Perfume Genius & More Talk Life in Quarantine This Week

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Artists have been prescribing music to their fans as a much-needed antidote during the mentally and physically agonizing times of quarantine. And tap dancing, if you ask the Godfather of Shock Rock Alice Cooper.

During Billboard exclusive interviews, go-to song roundups, photo essays and feature stories, acts from Perfume Genius to LOONA passed the aux around with the tunes getting them through self-isolation.

Read what these musicians are listening to and doing to stay inspired and active.

Angélique Kidjo

"It’s a sabbatical year. I started gardening, which I’ve never had time to do. Looking at food growing out of the ground, you understand how lucky we are to have the Earth that we have. I have a lot of aromatic herbs; I have coriander, mint, basil, cumin, leeks, beets, celery, tomatoes, red pepper, potatoes, strawberries, blackberries and zucchini. I’m becoming vegetarian, because I can find everything I want to eat in my garden."

A.C.E’s Jun

"Whenever I listen to ['Not Going Anywhere' by Keren Ann], the song makes me comfortable. The song is very smooth, and I can feel various emotions. Sometimes I feel stuck as we continue to be in self-quarantine because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Whenever it happens, I listen to this song and the song comforts us. For now, A.C.E will try our best to keep practicing to show better performances and songs, waiting for the moment that we can meet our fans in near future!"

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon

"Hope you listen to fun songs [like 'Electric Lady' by Janelle Monáe feat. Solange] especially during these trying times and feel better."

(G)I-DLE’s Minnie

"The message of ['Coming Up Roses' by Keira Knightley] is that no matter what happens, things will get better. It’s an easy listening song anyone can enjoy."

(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi

"['Can You Hear Me' by Henri Purnell] is about not losing hope in the dark and continuing to run in search of light. You can relax by listening to the chill beats."

GWSN’s Anne

"['We've Got Love' by Babyface] has hopeful lyrics that make me feel warm. I hope that everyone will not forget that we have love everywhere, even in the hardest times. That is why I recommend this song."

LOONA’s HeeJin

"I feel uplifted whenever I listen to ['Why' by Taeyeon], so it’s perfect to listen to lift my mood during times like these."

LOONA’s HyunJin

"I recommend ['Cheer Up' by TWICE] to thank and cheer all the front-line workers keeping us safe."

LOONA’s YeoJin

"['Bom' by BOL4] is a song I listen to a lot these days. The song has a very spring vibe to it, so I think it’s a great song for everyone staying at home to be able to feel spring."


"['The Blue Night of Jeju Island' by Taeyeon] a refreshing song that makes you think you’re on a quick holiday nearby. And despite staying at home, it will heal you by making you imagine you’re away somewhere."

LOONA’s Kim Lip

"['Purpose' by Etham] is a song that I listen to quite often while I’m home. I think it’ll be nice to think that so many of us who are staying at home are listening to the same song as we try to overcome COVID-19.... I listen to Yerin Baek’s songs a lot. 'Rest' is a song that makes me feel comfortable and happy whenever I listen to it, so I would like to overcome COVID-19 by listening to this song together."

LOONA’s JinSoul

"I recommend ['Happiness' by Red Velvet] because I think it will make you feel better and happier as we go about our repetitive daily lives.... I recommend ['Happy' by Taeyeon] so that we can all dream of happier days in the future."

LOONA’s Choerry

"['Way to Go' by Girls' Generation] is a song that we as a group listen to whenever we’re going through a hard time, and I hope everyone will also be able to cheer up while listening to this song."

LOONA’s Yves

"I recommend ['Home' by SEVENTEEN] to encourage everyone to stay home to help stop the spread of COVID-19, to flatten the curve and do our part to help the frontline workers. Let’s all hang in there a little bit more during these difficult times!"

LOONA’s Chuu

"['Number 1' by LOONA] is a song that I personally really like! It's a song that gives you courage and comfort, so I recommend it to comfort those who are exhausted from COVID-19.... ['One Way'] is from LOONA yyxy’s first album. The lyrics itself are very comforting and memorable, and they are about wishing you only happy memories, which is why I recommend it."

LOONA’s Go Won

"['When You Love Someone' by Day6 is] a very comforting song, so I recommend this song because it will make you feel better.... ['Feel So Fine' by Taeyeon] gives me strength, so I think others who also listen to this will be able to find the courage to spread their wings again."

TWICE’s Dahyun

"Our song 'Feel Special' is important to share right now because a lot of people around the world are going through a lot, and I want these lyrics to be used to give them encouragement. We are still special no matter what, and we will get through these times."

Lennon Stella

"Quarantine has been wake up, Zoom, go to sleep, repeat."

Perfume Genius

"If there's any constant to my days, it's listening to music all the time and finding comfort in it or escape or whatever I need. It's almost like a little prescription -- you dig around, find the right song. Hopefully my songs can do that for somebody's day."

Alice Cooper

"You know that Geico commercial with the whole family clogging? That’s us. We have a friend who’s a great tap dancer, and every Wednesday night, he has an hour-long online class. So the whole family goes in the backyard where we have all this plywood on the ground, and everybody’s got tap shoes on. My wife and daughters are professional dancers, so they’re way ahead of me. But every Wednesday night is tap night."


"I’m not able to do shows [and] make videos, so I’m staying inside the house.... I’m in a moment of reflection."

Sho Madjozi

"Realizing how many creatives are not making money, I’ve tried to create opportunities."


"This is a very introspective moment. This allows me to get deeper and deeper into the chapter of Persona."


"I’ve been watching a lot of Will Smith movies as well as Friends. I have enough material [to] write a new song every day."

Kris Wu

"[Since] most of China’s industries have returned to normal order, I’m currently filming a TV series."


"[TikTok] has become a new music discovery tool for a lot of people. Initially, I thought it was just for kids [but] I surrendered to the madness."


"The music never stopped."

Anıl Piyancı

"Everyone thought people would start listening more [to music] at home, but it didn’t turn out that way. [Releasing two new singles is] not productive every day, but this is part of the creative process."

Yung Raja

"Having a platform where so many people follow you can be used for good. Inspire, spread good vibes, lift each other up."


"I ended up making a new song and video every day for a week."


"In this time, I need as much knowledge as possible."

Mr. Rain

"These days creativity comes and goes -- a week can happen where I can’t write anything. Other days, I write two songs."

Raja Kumari

"It's been really exciting to interact with old fans and engage with new people who might not have heard the music before."


"After every move, the first thing I always do it arrange a recording room to ensure that I have a good music creation environment."

Joe Flizzow

"I've probably watched every single rap video or lyric video produced by any Malaysian act. It's given me time to study other markets like the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, and understand what's going on at a grassroots level."

Chirag Rashmikant Pantel of Karpe

"It's hard to make a rap record about a virus. I don't see how that angle is natural -- how is it going to be anything but corny?"


"Cooking isn't my chosen field, but if that entertains people, it's a good thing."


"'Auto Blu' has brought a new audience. I'd like to go to [the] U.S., work with international artists and test myself."

Brandon Stansell

"I think I always knew, but this experience has really highlighted that I have some pretty amazing people in my life that I am incredibly grateful for. I think I keep myself so busy, it’s easy to start taking relationships for granted. Being alone for the past few weeks had made me realize that my life is far better with my people in it."



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