Katy Perry Wonders if Elon Musk Slept Before SpaceX Launch Broadcast After Recently Having a Baby

Katy perry
Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

Katy Perry speaks to media on March 11, 2020 in Bright, Australia.

Katy Perry knows a thing or two about extraterrestrials, so of course she supported the SpaceX launch Wednesday (May 27) by appearing on the Space Launch Live: America Returns to Space star-studded broadcast.

Perry tuned in while sitting on a glittery crescent moon with a star-studded background while watching the live broadcast of the Crew Dragon Demo-2 astronaut launch featuring two American astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on a 1967 vintage television set. "We just wanted to pay homage to the '60s and all the incredible space travel that happened then, landing on the moon," she said in reference to the Apollo 11 spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon.

Today potentially marks the first space launch from American soil since 2011 and the first-ever launch from a privately owned reusable spacecraft. With plenty of nerves and excitement in the air, the "E.T." singer wondered if SpaceX founder/CEO/chief engineer and designer Elon Musk got any sleep last night because she didn't.

"I was thinking about Elon and all the SpaceX people and Bob and Doug. And I was thinking about Elon just had a child, so he's not sleeping, but did he sleep at all?" the expecting artist said about the tech billionaire who had a son with Grimes earlier this month. "I barely slept last night. I tossed and turned because what's about to happen is going to make history and be a great day for America and space travel and NASA and SpaceX. I'm just excited for it to start!"

Wearing a shiny silver dress and carrying her fully dressed teacup poodle Nugget, Perry put in her two cents about Behnken and Hurley's sleek minimalist white uniforms. "I think they're absolutely elegant and beautiful and I agree they are the definition of the future now, but my dog Nugget here has a little space suit of her own that she's wearing. She's participating in this launch as well, she's ready to go!" Perry quipped about the four-legged wannabe astronaut.

But if the Demo-2 astronaut launch held in Cape Canaveral, Fla. becomes successful in its mission, Perry might be suiting up next time. A few years ago, she learned about NASA's Mars Curiosity rover, which has spent "more than 2,700 exploring the Red Planet," according to the Discovery and Science Channel broadcast. "We definitely need to have a plan B, especially after all we've been through lately," Perry said when asked about colonizing Mars. "But will there be WiFi and will it be too hot? Those are my main concerns. I definitely will need some snacks."

In December 2017, Perry posted a foreign toy commercial for an Influencer Princess Playset on her Instagram with the caption, "ready for mars @elonmusk."

She's supported Musk since 2017 when she made a quick cosmic pit stop to Mars before opening the MTV VMAs that year. "I think I need to go to space to find myself," Perry said in the awards show preview video after digitally swiping on a photo of Elon Musk that promoted life on Mars. During the MTV VMAs clip, the "Firework" singer FaceTimed Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and NASA's oldest female spacewalker Peggy Whitson, which Perry said was "incredible to see her and her lifestyle and how they go about just all the different things they are doing up there at the space station" during the SpaceX launch livestream. "It was out of this world, most definitely," she concluded.

She continued in the livestream: "I'm such a huge fan of the space program, huge fan of NASA, huge fan of SpaceX and huge fan of Elon. I've been a fan of just the idea of traveling to space just for over a decade. I had a ticket to space, still have a ticket to space with [Virgin Group founder] Richard Branson. But I am happy to transfer that over to SpaceX when that starts happening."

Sounds like Perry's ready to go and wants to be lead into the light.