Shaggy Shows Off Superior 'Banana' TikTok Moves on Billboard Live At-Home

Jonathan Mannion


Shaggy had fans dreaming of an island vacation with his dancehall Billboard Live At-Home concert Tuesday (May 19) that raised funds for Direct Relief.

"As soon as everybody could go outside, somebody's going to go to the islands," Shaggy predicted. "Somebody's going to go ahead and get on the beach somewhere, have some rum, smoke something, chill out just to get that steam off."

But before any jet setters make their way to his motherland of Jamaica, the 51-year-old musician started letting loose when he began his set with "It Wasn't Me." Jerry Fuentes of The Last Bandoleros pre-taped a video of himself playing the guitar and singing backup vocals for the acoustic, yet exhilarating performance.

But what set things off is when "Banana" by Conkarah and Shaggy, which breathes new life into Harry Belafonte's 1956 hit "Banana Boat (Day-O)," came on to many TikTokkers' delight and one Beetlejuice fan's pleasure. Getting the vibe going meant showing everyone up with his version of the viral dance where someone's propped sunglasses drops down to their face when the lyric "stick with it cool drop" comes on. The track's own singer had everyone beat because he wore his sunglasses for the entire show.

Shaggy re-recorded all three songs from his mini concert -- "It Wasn't Me," "Banana" and "Angel" -- as well as the other most-streamed tracks on his 2000 LP Hot Shot for the 2020 album reissue, which drops July 10. He's adding four new songs to the mix, including "Primavera" with his famed collaborator  Sting.

"This particular album is a celebration of Hot Shot, which is the album that really brought the numbers into the game of dancehall. It's a diamond-selling album," he explained. "And this was the album that actually shift the culture and moved the needle in dancehall to where the mainstream really started to notice and started to deal with dancehall music as a force to be reckoned with."

So before anyone starts booking flights to the islands, enjoy Shaggy's entire Billboard Live At-Home set below, and donate to Direct Relief here.