5 Things We Learned From Katy Perry's Amazon Live Concert, Q&A

Katy Perry
Liza Voloshin

Katy Perry

Shortly after pushing "Daisies" into the world, Katy Perry hit Amazon Live for a livestreamed mini concert and Q&A session with fans.

Performing with her band (all safely social distancing via isolation footage from backyards and, um, a forest), Perry brought out the empowerment anthem "Roar," the hooky "Never Really Over" and "Daisies," the aforementioned ode to resilience that just dropped. Additionally, she talked about the therapeutic value of writing her upcoming album (out Aug. 14) and showed off her baby bump and adorable dog Nugget.

From what she's learned in quarantine to the nickname her nieces gave her, here are five things we learned from Katy Perry's Amazon Live appearance.

The Message Behind 'Daisies'

"The message and meaning behind 'Daisies' is staying true to the dreams you have dreamt for yourself no matter what anyone says or thinks or what comment they leave on your Instagram or SnapChat," Perry explained.

The Songs on KP5 Served as Therapy

"Coming out of being clinically depressed, I lost a lot of self-validation and didn’t meet some of my personal expectations professionally," Perry admits. Taking stock of her life and priorities, the California hitmaker says music served as therapy, in addition to actual therapy: "I had to go on a journey, and through that I wrote songs. Writing songs is another type of therapy." To that end, the songs on KP5 are about "resilience, redemption, joy and empowerment."

Her New Nickname

Quarantining with her young nieces, Perry says they have a new nickname for her: "Add to Cart Auntie," because of the amount of online shopping she's doing in isolation (and yes, she confirmed "daisies" has been a frequent Amazon search for her).

She's About to Bloom

Noting her floral earrings, wallpaper and the name of her new single, Perry pointed out the theme is fitting: "Coincidentally my last name is gonna be Bloom sometime soon so might as well lean into it."

Even A-Listers Have Tech Issues

You might think that being one of the biggest pop stars on the planet broadcasting via one of the biggest companies on earth would mean everything would come up roses for "Daisies," but nope – even A-listers get the 2020 Video Glitch Blues. A few times during the livestream the footage froze or rewound by a few moments. Endearingly, when it started, she was still getting direction from her team. "Sorry I'm getting notes on the phone," she said at the top, looking at her cell. "They're like 'sit back a bit, they're cutting off your head!'"