Watch Greta Thunberg Make a Cameo in Pearl Jam's Climate Change Awareness Video for 'Retrograde'

Pearl Jam, "Retrograde"
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Pearl Jam, "Retrograde"

"Could be thunder/ Or a crowd" or climate change activist Greta Thunberg appearing in Pearl Jam's new music video for "Retrograde," which premiered today (May 14).

The nearly six-minute watercolor visual for the Gigaton track illustrates climate change's apocalyptic destruction of the world within a psychic's crystal ball that symbolizes Earth. "Seven seas are raising" as international monuments such as Paris' Eiffel Tower, the London Bridge and Seattle's Space Needle in the grunge band's hometown can't stand to weather the damage coming their way.

Pearl Jam's members and other global citizens pop up like tarot cards on a table, only to be met with the same doomed fate. And who delivers this distressing news? None other than the 17-year-old Swedish girl who's been raising the alarm all along, as Thunberg watches the world in peril from her sphere.

The video, which was directed by Emmy award-winning Australian filmmaker Josh Wakely and produced by the storytelling company Grace, ends with the following omen: "It's gonna take much more than ordinary love."

Watch Pearl Jam's "Retrograde" music video below.