That's Right, Lady Gaga Is Actually Selling 'Chromatica' Thongs: Fans React

Lady Gaga
Norbert Schoerner

Lady Gaga

Update (May 11): Lady Gaga shared a new Instagram post featuring some of her merch offerings, which now include jockstraps:

Now that Lady Gaga has officially announced the new release date for Chromatica, she's ready to give fans some of the new merch that they've been waiting for.

After announcing that Chromatica would be out everywhere on May 29, Gaga updated her digital store with new merch offerings. Most of the new pieces are typical, standard items, including Chromatica-themed t-shirts, sweaters, keychains and posters, each bearing different platitudes from the album.

But Gaga is also giving fans some inventive items to choose from, including socks, pillows and, yes, underwear and thongs. Fans immediately latched onto Gaga's decision to sell on-theme thongs, praising her for her sharp business acumen. "We stan a business woman," one fan wrote.

Check out Gaga's official Chromatica merch here, and see what fans had to say about the new line below: